Films for Australian Deaf Short Film Festival 2014

Youth Category:

I won’t do that again! (UK)
Director: William Horsefield

The battery battle (UK)
Director: William Horsefield

The Hands (AUS)
Director: Paula Aparajedo

No more blue (AUS)
Director: Jarl Ziccone, Kim Saed and Paula Aparajedo

Decorating Disaster (UK)
Director: Charlie O’Connor

Australian Films:

Director: Stef Linder, Paula Thornton and Medina Sumovic

VCD Deaf and Proud
Director: Ramas Rentelis and Irene Holub

Loves lies online
Director: James Blyth

Girl on train
Director: Phillip Debs

International Films:

#CSD Vision (USA)
Director: Anthony Mowl, Bradley Gantt and Braam Jordaan

It is snowy today (Iran)
Director: Mansoureh Radfar
Producer: Amir Joghataei

Le Portrait (France)
Director: Alex Sambe
Producer: Richard Gili

Through Thorns to the stars (Russia)
Director: Pavel Rodionov and Pavel Sakharov

Simanim (Israel)
Director: Tamar Natanel
Producer: Tamar Natanel and Neta Shiovits

Interview with Richard Griffiths OBE (UK)
Director: Marilyn Willrich
Producer: Marilyn Willrich and Mija Gwin

El Circulo (Spain)
Director: Eugenia Arteaga
Producer: Digital 104 / FUNCASOR

Retreat (UK)
Director: Ted Evans
Producer: James Tracy

Rapid Intervention (UK)
Director: Mark Collins

Despartar (Spain)
Director: Angela Ibanez
Producer: Jose Luis Fernandez

300 SECS (UK)
Director: David Hay and David Ellington

Who is who (Spain)
Director: Amador Mansilla