About Turquoise Australia

G’Day! Welcome to Turquoise Australia.

Who are we?

Turquoise Australia was first formed in 2011 when Medina and Vanessa had discussion about promoting Deaf culture, Deaf pride and language. They created a first Turquoise Australia event- Australian Deaf Short Film Festival which 8 short films entries were screened.
In 2012, Vanessa & Medina invited few more people on the group to organise Australian Deaf Short Film Festival II which was successful, we had doubled the entries. After two successful events, we all decided to make Turquoise Australia more official by applying to become an not-for-profit incorporation.

Stay tuned to hear more about Turquoise Australia!

Why turquoise colour?
In this colour, there are two colours, blue and green, and both together become turquoise. Imagine the sky and the land, the colour of blue and green, transforms into the colour turquoise. Don’t you agree; no matter how far you travel through the sky or land, when you meet another Deaf person, you feel connected like family.

How did this first start?
In 1999, the WFD Congress in Australia, Paddy Ladd, proposed the blue ribbon to symbolize the Deaf Community. The congress accepted and celebrated, however this did not spread around the Deaf world like fire. In 2002, once again Austria has decided to spread turquoise, but did not succeed, until Germany 2010, hosted a parade to show the color and explain why they decided chose the turquoise. This parade demonstrated important symbols of the Deaf Community. It’s a simple symbol of pride in Sign Language, Deaf history, Deaf union, a symbol of equality.